Growth, or, I Am Not Just Another Pretty Flower

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Published:  February 1, 2016, Copyright (c) Sandy Elrick

It is my assumption that life is full of self-defining moments for just about everybody.  What is different though, is that not everyone is meant to fulfill great change nor mature at the same rates (or ever).  Some people desire no change, a little change, or great change and all may see growth through events in their lives.  Some even embrace challenges and a changes so frequently that they literally might not survive without them.  It is these human dynamics which define us and our relationships.


Maximizing Potential


I am struck yet again by how much I have enjoyed and discovered in myself that I do engage in change and I like to see it happen for others.  I like to see the potential in others realized.  That can be a challenge – to know what a maximized potential is in each person is to understand the individual’s destiny or fate.  Some may say that those descriptors are melodramatic or superficial.  I choose to believe that there are some things in this world we have yet to understand and may not fully understand.


I feel it is this openness that gives me strength in perceiving the overall picture around me while maintaining a tight grasp of most of the factors surrounding said picture.  It is what I am the best at – pulling things together from disparate patterns and bringing them forward to achieve a new holistic viewpoint.  This is great, unless it is neither needed nor wanted.  Another great lesson I learned – trying to please everyone pleases no one.  A false prophecy so to speak.


Circling Back to Growth


It is those moments in life where I recognize change and growth for the truth that it is.  I revel in the opportunity to move beyond who I was into something new.  Where I sit right now is that I see I need to be far more active in my efforts if I am to achieve greater and more enlightening growth.  Some might fear admitting this because it shows vulnerability and weakness.  That negative viewpoint is unfounded.  Failure to understand is a greater risk than not taking that chance.  I feel the need to take it beyond just myself even more.  Perhaps it is a calling, perhaps it is realization.  All I trust is that I know it drives me and speaks to me in a more powerful sense than I have ever experienced before.



Unwritten Futures


I once said I felt pity for those who would not or could not grow beyond certain maturity or growth in their lives.  I have to remind myself that not every soul is bound by the same demands and each is as likely to achieve what it is meant to achieve as is envisioned (fate anyone?).  The blessing we should realize is that we are largely ignorant of that plan until we grow… revealing a little bit at a time.  We must remember that growth is not a means unto itself.  Life needs purpose.  Purpose drives growth.  I have had to think hard on what my purpose is now.  I am almost settled.


I hope to take some friends, family, and others on this journey with me.  I hope to make a difference not only for myself, but for others as well.  I will be tempered in my understanding because, as audacious as it is to believe you can figure out every person in your life, the point is to not do so.  Joy comes from experiencing the new and undiscovered.  As our planet gets smaller, there are precious few opportunities to experience true joy.  That being said, satisfaction can be had if you let it happen and get over yourself, your ego.


Listen, reach out, and grab your destiny.