Decisions, Decisions – The Paradox of Choice

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Published:  December 22, 2015, Copyright (c) Sandy Elrick


As I come up on the middle of January, I feel I’ve made concrete steps to my future.  I feel I’ve had an abundance of choice.  I think that has been the most dynamic part of my career re-envisioning.  With so much potential, it can be difficult to find clarity.  I am very grateful, however, to have such opportunity and choice.  It has taken a lot of hard work on my part and I am glad to have a wonderful network of peers and friends to work with.


I’ve come to the conclusion that my career path must go forward in the areas of security and information analytics.  I believe my analysis skills and ability to see the big picture while appreciating the semantics of business can be put to good use.  Now comes the part of completing the training and convincing someone that I am the person they need to bring their organization success (not necessarily in that order though!).


I am also considering how my experiences outside of work have impact to my job and career prospects.  I have experience in project management without the PM certification – I basically had oversight on a house renovation dealing with the issues every day for about 13 months.  I have experience in customer service and planning having done event work for various personal and family occasions.  Recently I put together a small birthday party for my father’s 75th.  I realized that I thoroughly enjoyed and was satisfied with my work.


It is easy to dismiss your potential when you have myopic vision.  More to add to the personal inventory!  Time to revisit the resumes again.


Assessing the Possibilities


So with a decision made to go down the path of security and/or data analytics, I am reaching out to my peers and network to gain understanding and guidance.  As I stated before, nothing great happens in a vacuum.  I hope to capitalize on their experience to become as effective a player as possible in the shortest amount of time.


I have my time away coming up to plan and execute on this way forward.  I can’t wait!  It feels so good to have focus and decisive purpose again.  I’ve made contact with folks and arranged the face to face.  This is going to be great.


I am going to continue my writing but in a professional vein.  I am working on a possible article for a cloud blog, keep an eye out for that and I’ll update you as I go along.


The Best Options


This is the point where I spend the next few weeks acquiring information, planning, and moving forward on all fronts.  It is no different from many of the projects I have worked on except that it is by far a most personal effort.  It is this renewed sense of anticipation that I am working with now.


When you make it personal and your focus is set, you get your energy for the day.  Those around you can feed off that energy.  It is going to be an interesting change and I look forward to my peer’s input.  My personal development is going to continue as well – there is always room for improvement.


Get to It!


So it is with this resolve that I move forward.  I will direct my energy and build up a new future.  My hope is that it will involve some ability to mentor and advance others, to improve things going forward for not only myself.  I hope to build a new foundation to a new future including my writing.


I honestly feel like it could be spring (but it’s winter) and I wish it were.  That sense of adventure and excitement is what drives me now.  I am open to potential and if you are interested, let’s talk!  It never hurts to start the conversation.