Article 19 – Clearing the Fog




I am journeying through life (as we all are).  I feel very blessed to have so many resources at hand.  What I have come to realize, though, is that what truly has mattered, to me, is what I bring to the equation each and every moment of every day.  I stand up and tackle work, family, life in general with enthusiasm and verve.  What I have been discovering is that I have been lifting the veil of fog from my existence.


What does that statement mean: “Lifting the veil of fog”?  I believe my existence is to offer optimism and hope to others.  It is nothing so simple as those two words.  In both spiritual and real senses, I perceive a situation and can see so many possibilities.  It is perhaps the worst capability to have when considering your existence.  You can wonder and what if your life away if you never come to clarity about your life, what you want from it, and what you are willing to do for it.




So it is this clarity that I am embracing in my life.  I have come to the realization (after many lessons) that I need to pursue a certain course of action.  That course of action requires me to free myself of things, expectations, and assumptions that I have so far made about life.  I need to be clear about intentions and to pursue those intentions with as much focus as possible.  I shall embrace my path.


It is this clarity that also is a metaphor for existence for everyone.  If you never achieve your true purpose and just exist, then you are truly walking around in that fog.  You meet others who are also in their fog, and that coincidence may turn into something better – awareness.  So awareness, combined with intent, leads to clarity.  This course of action is not for the faint of heart.  To see the world for what it is, to be comfortable with yourself, to be happy with yourself, is elusive until you get sufficient practice to be confident.




I ask you this question:  “What is your life’s purpose?”.  Few of us can say with certainty what that is.  Most of us can’t begin to realize how important it is to ask this question and to answer it.  Answering this question is the start of the path of your real journey through this life you have.  Please do not confuse purpose with expectations, assumptions, or other things you have learned about how to be.  Our existence is not merely to be here for some purpose; it is to be here to create something more than what we already are.


This joy of creation comes to fulfilling all aspects of living.  It comes down to how you put your energy into things and what you want from that effort.  We are living beings that need to prosper, to hope, and to realize our purpose.  Our shared existence on this world is full of opportunity, and it is a shame when someone cannot have that opportunity to fulfill their purpose.  There are so many negative things going on, but they cannot be what we are meant to create.  Violence, selfishness, and greed abound in those who are missing their purpose and are misguided.  It is my belief that as an advocate, it is my purpose to help guide others to their path and to open them up to the possibility.


I want to bring back that metaphor of fog.  I was once surrounded by fog and every once in a while bumped into another person.  Now, as I lift the fog from my life, I can see more around me.  I realize that I can see others more clearly and as such my capabilities are brought to bear.  I am beginning to see those walking around me in their fog and once in a while; someone tentatively reaches out of the fog in hopes that there is someone there.  I love that idea.


Past, Present, and Future


If we keep reliving the past, we may not move forward.  If we fear the future, we cannot live with clarity and purpose.  These mirages that people cling to are part of what holds us back.  These ignore one key thing about life.  That key is change.  Change is always happening around us.  Once we begin embracing change, we gain confidence and clarity.  There are no certainties in life.  A home is not a guarantee of safety or future.  A legacy is not a guarantee of future either.  Stability is a function of your mind and how you perceive your world.


Being in the moment, present, and focused is no different than existing as you are now.  What is required is a change of what you want to happen and in turn where you direct your energy.  Change is neither good nor bad.  It just is.  If you can get used to change, then it becomes easier to exist, and therefore your focus and clarity come to you faster and faster.  The future is not something to fear when you have embraced the present.


Decisions, Decisions


Part of the fear of the future is making decisions.  I can’t do this because it will cost money, things will become unstable, or the unknown is scary.  These mental blocks create barriers to you progressing forward.  Think of them as blocks building up walls you have to get over to achieve your future.  They don’t need to exist, and you do not need to chase your ‘future.’  Your future is a natural consequence of your energy, focus, and clarity.  If you are happy with yourself, your decisions come easier.  If you have clarity of purpose, then all you are doing is executing on that purpose with every intended action you perform.  There is no decision to make, your course of action has already made them for you, and you are living in your purpose.


Joy of Living


So what happens next?  Well, that is the great part of getting to this point in life.  When you are embracing change and determined to execute with intention, you will be in the mode of squeezing joy out of your life and sharing with those around you.  A purpose is not a static thing.  A purpose is living and breathing in the moment and embracing those around you.  Joy is seeing the world not through the dark fog that surrounds you but for the clear potential that each and every human being has to make humanity a better whole every moment of every day.


The question I asked earlier, “What’s your life’s purpose?”, Is dynamic and thoughtful.  It requires your commitment, time, and intent.  I think that if you can answer your life’s purpose, then you may not be fully aware, out of the fog, and clear.  Seek that clarity and begin the path that will allow you to be the best you can for this life you have.  Your life will have more joy and I think will be easier to embrace.  Let go of your expectations and your sense of past.  Worry less about the future and create the present you need to live life.


Thank you,