Power of Self

Article 17 - Like water around a stone

Published:  August 22, 2016, Copyright (c) Sandy Elrick

Power of Self


Power, self, inspiration – these three things have one thing in common:  You.  No amount of someone else’s power, sense of self, or inspiration can equal to you… your version of these things.  Our brains are both our asset and our liability.  Our brains can lift us to extreme heights, and they can subsume us in the darkest depths of our souls.  What differentiates many of us is awareness of how we are impacting ourselves on a daily basis.


Do you have a morning regimen?  Do you work to influence yourself positively every time you wake up?  The first minutes of awareness in the morning have a significant impact on your day and subsequently everything that comes after that.  How you build your world directly affects how you live your world.


What does your world look like?


The two things you can consider in your personal development (or non-development) that can affect you are the following:


  • Your attitude towards everything
  • Your environment around you every day


I’m not a doctor, therapist, or a lawyer, but I do know what makes sense to me.  So this is one of the reasons why I write these personal development articles.  I use writing as a method to make sense of my world from my perspective.  What I am finding (and I think this is positive) is that increasingly, my triggers for writing are influenced greatly by external factors.  What have I invited into my life and what has happened to me?  These are always dancing around in my brain.


To extend this to yourself, you have to examine those two things which I mentioned – attitude and environment.  One you can influence every moment of every day and the other I equate to steering a large ship – it doesn’t react immediately and takes some effort to coax into a new direction.  Your environment is where you live, where you work, and where you spend your time every moment of every day.


Shaping Change


The catalyst for shaping your day and your future is your energy.  Energy directed by consciousness results from how you react to your mind’s decisions.  If you are just doing whatever you think you should be doing, you are not actively participating in the moment and therefore not actively participating in life.


Recognizing this is key to changing how you live your life.  Without this presence in the day to day, you may never realize the changes that you need to make.  You may never make your bright future come to pass.  So this makes me beg the question:

Why are humans so miserable?  So fat?  So unhappy?  So stressed?

So whatever may be affecting you right now…

I believe it comes down to the fact that for most of us, we haven’t learned to embrace our path and our reality.  We are simply coasting along and not participating in life to the depth we could be.  We may also have an issue with not being frank and honest with ourselves.


The Hard Reality, or is it?


Some of you may be thinking that there is a lot on my plate and a lot out of my control.  I have a lot of responsibilities, and I have to do all these things in my life.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, it is because you have built this situation up through many choices and quite likely due to some expectation you had, or you thought had forced on you.  The reality is, we grow up under many influences, we see how people ‘should be’ and how people ‘have to fit certain roles.’  All well and good until it doesn’t jive with you and making you happy.


I am not saying you should abandon all responsibility and drop everything you are doing.  Far from that, any progressive learning and change come from some thoughtful reflection.  There is nothing wrong with challenging your status quo.  It is good to reaffirm commitments which matter to you.  It also is good to recognize, acknowledge, and learn from life’s lessons.


So you now understand that you are the architect of your life.  You are under influence and respond to many things.  You have made decisions which have brought you to this point of life.  The question you may now ask yourself is, “Is this all I can be or can I be more?”.


Ready to make the commitment?


I do realize that my life to this point has been full of learning, lots of learning.  I believe that I would not change anything up to this point.  I have discovered another path and have to put energy towards achieving that goal.  Clarity of purpose is one of the biggest driving factors in our life.  You cannot blame someone else for expectation.  If you do nothing to agree or disagree, you are passively participating in that expectation.  To change the situation, you need to speak up.  Do so for yourself first and respectfully for others.  We are part of smaller and larger communities, and we should continue to engage in those communities in as positive a fashion as possible.


This type of living takes practice and commitment.  You should temper expectation (yours) of your own success.  Life skills can take a lot of time to develop, and you should not be hard on yourself.  Growth, as trees may put it, is living.  Some years you grow a lot and some years you barely grow at all.  Take it in and enjoy it for what it is.


Awareness Starts When You Wake Up


I am going to pass along some wisdom I have gained:


  • Start your morning with a routine that energizes and reinforces you. This routine sets your mental state in the best way possible.  Talk to yourself like you are the most important person in the world (hint: you are in your mind already, make it reality).


  • Practice gratitude, you might not make it to tomorrow. You have to appreciate the impact your smile, your stable attitude, and your directed energy has on everyone around you.  Improving the world isn’t done for kudos or recognition.  Your communities do not grow from just anything; they require effort and energy.  The will has to be there or nothing will change or happen.


  • Keep challenging yourself mentally and physically until you die, and keep doing it after you die! The idea is, once you are in the right state, you will know when to make better choices, you will begin to change your life for the better.


Making decisions can be a challenging thing for us.  The worst thing to do is never to make a decision to engage yourself in life.  There are no guarantees, and there are no free rides.  Opportunity comes when you put yourself out there every moment of every day.  Remember to listen to your mind and body.  When you are tired, maybe it is an opportunity to take a nap and be refreshed 20 minutes later.  If you are stressed, use the methods that work for you to relieve that pressure.


Think Outside Yourself


Remember that striving for your goals is a great thing to do, but it is not the only thing to do.  You will benefit from supporting your communities (family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.).


Thank you!


Sandy Elrick