What I Want…

Article 15 - horizons

Published:  June 14, 2016, Copyright (c) Sandy Elrick

I think this a question a lot of folks are asking themselves every day.  File it under free thinking but dammit I just want a lot of things in my life.  They take hard work and opportunity.  Most of all, they require me to be involved.  So here are some things I want… and, I’ll have to pony up to make it happen.

I Want

  • A new job (I like being creative, solving problems for people, and having fun while doing it)
  • To meet new people
  • To try new restaurants and cook new dishes
  • Continued improvement on health (thank you Apple Watch!)
  • An app/system to help me help manage my elderly father’s conditions and share that information with his practitioners so we’re all on the same page about his health and his happiness
  • An app/system to help me manage my life (I have so many passwords and so many systems to deal with)
  • To hear more positive news
  • To enable others to achieve their dreams
  • To conquer the demon that is paperwork
  • To be an advocate (just about anyone, anything) and to see smiles
  • To pay less taxes
  • To understand my ancestors so I can know more about where I come from
  • To know more about my culture… if it even exists

Not a bad list if I do say so myself.  Perhaps I should have started with… I want a list of things I want.  Oh wait!  I did.  🙂

So if you have your own list, you must handle it in your own way.  We have a lot of demands on us – family, work (or looking for work), friends, co-conspirators to take over the world… you catch my drift (don’t worry my co-conspirators, I won’t spill the beans).  What helps us is the way in which we tackle each and every day.

Each day begins with the decision on how to approach it and what to do about living (taking care of needs, wants, etc.).  Some people are burdened by things which prevent them from even thinking about those needs and wants – they just exist and can’t be much more.  You may see them around you – someone who is quiet and not participating in life.  You may assume they are around and judge people as such.  If you do this, then perhaps it is you who needs to consider living as opposed to going through the motions of life.

Energy Spigot (or, I am not an unlimited faucet of drive)

Critical thinking, judgement, and expenditure of energy is in a broad sense, what we should be doing.  To blindly accept something is a choice (as well as accepting those consequences).  To ignore all around you is a choice.  It may be needed and it may be right for you.  I hope that you realize that no matter what you have chosen, you spend your energy and it impacts yourself and those around you.  Truly happy and successful people don’t spend as much energy on the things they cannot change, rather, they chart their own course and put their focus and energy towards that.  You may see this in great leaders, entrepreneurs, and good natured smiling people who are content with who and what they are in the moment.  They are focusing their energy on a precious few things.

Overthinking things is the domain of a mind which may be less disciplined and in need of help.  I can definitely attest to having done this in my life and quite frankly it was hellish to be lost to random thoughts or an all consuming idea.  This is where critical thinking (non-emotional) and judgement (assessing the criteria and not laying blame) come up front.  You need to recognize where and how you exist to be able to communicate effectively with others.  That sense of self you carry around every day is what you project – the energy you bring to the table.

So why am I talking about energy then?  The real reason is that periodically, I assess what I have been doing to figure out if it is worthwhile… is it of value to me or to someone I know.  It’s a personal thing.  For example, I love photography as a hobby.  All the pictures I post with my article have been captured due to my eye and my effort.  I had an Adobe account which gave me access to tools to work with the digital photos.  When I look back at the money spent since I started it – a few years ago – I don’t think I got my money’s worth.  So in the effort to reduce my spending, I’ve cancelled that.  So I’ve reduced financial burden and also released or acknowledged that I will be spending less energy on photography (for now).

With each effort we choose, we have to spend the energy.  How often do we consider how we are spending that energy?  What are we getting for it?  It is a good exercise.  Have you spent even ten minutes today on something to help reduce stress and make you healthier?  Did you spend eight hours at work and come out less energized and less happy?  Are you missing an opportunity because you don’t have the reserves to recognize it?  How much longer are you going to keep spending your energy (and time) without some critical thinking and judgement?  What effort are you worth?


Seriously Not Serious

Some folks might do this natively but I don’t.  I have to be deliberate in my actions and effort, otherwise I lose out.  It is not world ending if I am not deliberate, however, I believe that we all can do with some sanity in our busy lives.  So take little, not so serious steps, to adjust your life in your favour.  Do you need all that stuff?  Do you spend enough time on the things that matter?  Do you put your energy to best use every day?

I hope this have provoked some good thinking in you and that you take it to heart.  It is through this method that you will gain some sanity and you will have a more positive impact on yourself and others.  As they say, don’t worry be happy!

Live with intention, get what you want (and what you need), and spend your energy and time to the best you can.

Thank you,