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Hello there.  If you are interested in my personal development, I’ve posted articles relating to my recent changes (being  laid off, encouraging change, and exploring options).  I suggest reading them in order to get an understanding of the change process I have experienced.

Articles (In order)

The IT Career Lament or Fires of Change

Career Awakening and the Concept of Business Justness

A Mind is a Powerful Thing to Waste

Decisions, Decisions – The Paradox of Choice

Reductionism and the Issue of Over Simplification

Growth, or, I Am Not Just Another Pretty Flower

Stress and the Workplace

Putting the ‘Humanity’ back in ‘Human’ Resources (Us)

Why “Information Technology” as an industry needs to die!

Renewal and Hope

Dial it up to 11 – See, Respond, and Achieve

Community and Courtesy

Strength and Clarity of Purpose

Unintended Consequences

What I Want…

Reaching Outside Yourself

Power of Self

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