Your freelance writer is here!

This is a friendly heads up that if you need any freelance writing done, I am available for consultation.  Writing, grammar, and spelling are my super powers.  I have been known to pick up a menu and see the spelling errors pretty much right away (novel trivia but it is […]

Personal Development

Hello there.  If you are interested in my personal development, I’ve posted articles relating to my recent changes (being  laid off, encouraging change, and exploring options).  I suggest reading them in order to get an understanding of the change process I have experienced. Articles (In order) The IT Career Lament or […]


I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to… well, me!  This is my writing and my way of reaching you!  I encourage you to contact me for any need or reason (writing opportunity, discussion, encouragement, whatever!). I’m starting out by reposting some work I have done previously but […]